The Studio of Brian Michael Gossett


Squarespace approached me to design and direct 2 spots for a brand campaign featuring animated bumpers and print collateral to promote the upcoming launch of Squarespace 7. I teamed up with TJ Sochor to bring the spots to life.

“Open For Business” promotes the e-commerce side of Squarespace’s services. I came up with the idea of using brick and mortar storefronts and bespoke hand painted open signs for a variety of types of Squarespace users hanging in the window. 

Executive Creative Director for Squarespace: David Lee

Creative Director for Squarespace: Nessim Higson

Producers for Squarespace: Richard Minkoff

Copywriter for Squarespace: Ken Ziegler

Concept + Co-Copywriter + Design + Direction: Brian Gossett

Animation: TJ Sochor

Sound Design: Joe Johnson

Director’s Cut Soundtrack: TIMZ “Open For Business”